Importance of choosing the right VFD control panel manufacturer in Kolkata
As one of the most established manufacturers of VFD panels in Kolkata, we know the importance of having a proper workplace. Which is why we are here to provide you with the superior quality Variable Frequency Drive Panel. There are many VFD manufacturers in Kolkata, but none of them have the supreme experience and customer base as we do. Mainly because we are able to operate in a wide range of services.
But before we describe our importance and expertise in this field, let’s look at the priority and advantages of VFD panels.
Why have a VFD panel in Kolkata?
Having a VFD means having a reliable work environment. In industrial establishments, there are so many advanced technologies that need to be in proper condition at all times. And most of these components needs a reliable control panel to work correctly. And the VFD control panel manufacturer in Kolkata is reliable in two ways: controlling electric feed pumps and motors. For AC motors VFD panel is mostly the best as it has soft on and off capabilities with adjustable speed control.
The AC motor's speed can be controlled in two ways, with frequency, and with voltage. And that is precisely why VFD control panels are helpful. The board can converse the input power of fixed voltage or frequency accordingly to the variable voltage and frequency of the output AC motors. It is especially helpful when implemented in big industries or residency complexes.
Benefits of having VFD panel in Kolkata
Other than providing reliable speed to AC motors, the VFD panel also brings other advantages to the table. Such as…
Environmental protection- One of the significant concerns of big industries is to make sure the electrical motors and components are safe from harm's way. Due to dirt build-up and moisture, any electric motors can face short time or long-term issues. VFD panel in Kolkata helps to keep all the water away with different liquid chemical pumps and with CPRI certified protection.
Power protection and easy switching- If there are any problems such as overload or short circuit, the circuit breaker of the panel will protect the drive and other connected equipment. So there will be no risk of more significant damage.
Save energy- In mega industries, 65% of power is consumed only by the motors. But by implementing VFD, you can vary the intensity according to which, in return, save energy and save your electronic engines from the risk of overloading.
Inbuilt power factor correction- With the VFD control panel manufacturer in Kolkata, you no longer have to spend on additional power factor correction. The inbuilt power factor correction can be variable for low-load application as well as for full load.
Visual control- VFD control is not only to have speed control, but the panel also has field indicators. These indicators show real-time knowledge about the variable frequency or voltage, drive's power consumption, and other important information to the operator. So, the operator can take action when there is a shift in frequency or other problems.
Why choose the VFD panel in Kolkata?
Well, for starters, we have the experience of manufacturing and designing high-end VFD panels in different applications. We can provide you with a VFD for the moveable, indoor, and outdoor type of enclosure. And all our applications are certified by CPRI for added protection. To put it simply, if you have a problem, we have a solution at the VFD panel in Kolkata. Our VFD panel is flexible and offers tune system performance to suit your every application. Not only that, but you have full control in your hand with our GSM communication.