MCC Panel Manufacturer in kolkata

We are CPRI certified premier motor control center panel (MCC panel) manufacturer in Kolkata. At MM Enterprise we used to provide premium quality MCC panels in the market, which is next to none. Well, apart from that, we also provide FASD, DOL, SOFT-STARTER, and VFD to ATS as a motor starter in combination with PLC based automation that comes with any kind of logic with a display in HML or PC based SCADA system. Thus, while responding to water level, temperature, pressure, other sensor and feedbacks and as a premier company in this industry we are capable of designing to manufacturing various kinds of outdoor type of enclosure, control desk, wall mounted type of MCC panels, etc. Well, apart from that, we also design in combination with APFC, AMF, DG/Grid Synchronization system. And for highly strong and robust build it has got a longer life and needs minimum maintenance cost. It has got a huge demand in the eastern parts of the country where it has got a good market. Our main positive thing is that we utilize the best quality raw material by keeping in mind all the current industry standards. And here we ensure that all our clients get their order delivered within the said deadline and that also without changing the product quality. So this is what you get from them. Design. Erection-commissioning. Programming . Cable laying and termination. Required civil construction. Required Mechanical arrangement. Comes with any kinds of component retrofitting panel repairing